Stand-UP Paddling

 Originating from Hawaii, Stand–Up paddling (aka SUPing) has recently seen exponential growth among participants within the river communities of the Rocky Mountains. The reason for this growth is simple: Stand-Up Paddling is loads of fun, and great for core strength and balance. SUPing allows you to take the skills that you acquire on the river and directly apply them towards ocean surfing. Just like whitewater kayaking, it is best to learn the basic strokes, braces and edging on flat water before taking it to the river. Once you feel like you’re ready for the river, we recommend some of our class I-II sections and multi-day river trips. Trust us! This growing sport offers plenty of fun and excitement.

 Stand -Up Paddling trips options

Paddle boarding in TellurideTELLURIDE S.U.P

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